Stock the Closet

The 2021 Stock the Closet Event is a great way for clients to save money while still enjoying a high end maternity session and a brand new gown! Select one of the gowns listed below, and exchange it with me for my Premier maternity package. Due to unfortunate studio costs, a fee of $100 will apply if you choose to do a session inside of the studio. The gowns below range from $175-$400. In essence, you can get a Premier Maternity Package ($650 value) for as low as $275 (a $175 gown + studio fee). Once the session is completed, the client will return the gown to me, professionally cleaned, before the final images will be delivered. 

Once a client has purchased a gown from the list, it will be removed from the list to prevent duplicates.

Most of these gowns are custom made. Please read all vendor order and shipping details to make sure that your gown is purchased in enough time before your session.

Please call me with any questions!

Blue (navy/off shoulder) (navy/periwinkle option) (long sleeve/ Steele blue option) (navy or blush)



Red (red) (burgundy/leg slit) (cinnamon)



White: (bodysuit lining)



Bodysuits: (must also select chiffon skirt add on)



Gold: (mustard)


Floral: (floral option) (in floral grey or floral sage - no split option)



Green: (sage)



Purple/Pinks: (mauve or lilac) (amethyst)